Quick Change Collet Chuck Holder

Quick Change Collet Chuck Holder with minimal clearance height for tool change. We manufacture this tool with different standards and qualities. These tools are used in automobile industry, marine etc as per the requirements. The quick change collets manufactured by are having the property of repeatable tool positioning and are hardened and precision ground. We manufacture these tools with different sizes and shapes as per the requirements.
Quick Change Collets Chuck Holder - QCCCCH available in different models as :
QCCCCH2/ER16 Range 0.5MM TO 10MM
QCCCCH2/ER20 Range 1.0MM TO 13MM
QCCCCH2/ER25 Range 1.0MM TO 16MM
QCCCCH3/ER25 Range 1.0MM TO 16MM
QCCCCH3/ER32 Range 2.0MM TO 20MM
QCCCCH3/ER40 Range 3.0MM TO 26MM
QCCCCH4/ER32 Range 2.0MM TO 20MM
QCCCCH4/ER40 Range 3.0MM TO 26MM
QCCCCH4/ER50 Range 10MM TO 36MM