Side and Face Mill Holders

We offer our customers wide range of Side and Face Mill Holders that are highly appreciated by our esteemed customers, Side Lock Holders for Straight Shank Cutter for extra strength and durability features. Further, these Lock Holders are manufactured from high grade steel and are mostly used for straight Shank cutter in various industries.

We are offering our Customers a wide range of Face Mill Holders, Face mill Holder are used for milling a Face on the surface of a plate or bar. They are predominantly used to cut with the ends of the cutter rather than their sides.
Available in BT, CT, ST, SK, CAT, DIN, M1TR, ISO etc.


Up to 12000 rpm as per G6.3 class
Up to 20000 rpm as per G2.5 class
Up to 25000 rpm as per G2.5 class
Taper Cone-As Per AT3 Class.